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Article: More than just a Professional Lunch Tote!

More than just a Professional Lunch Tote!

More than just a Professional Lunch Tote!

Every season has a purpose, and every item can be repurposed in some way.  It’s summertime and all is fine.  Let’s see how we can use our Tote in a multi-faceted way.

Warm temperatures call everyone to come outside and enjoy the weather! Whether that is a day of golf, a quick run to the beach, a short hike to enjoy Mother Nature, or just kicking your feet up and laying in a hammock.  Whatever the calling, your Tote from T|W Tote, can be your constant companion. The lightbulb just went off! Here are some ideas.

A Daypack - Usually, when you’re out for the day, depending on the weather and the location, you might consider bringing just the bare essentials as well as binoculars, reading glasses and an additional power pack for your phone.  One might also consider some type of sustenance (maybe a few protein bars, trail mix) and water.  A small emergency kit might be invaluable as well as any applicable medications.

While out, consider some museum walking tours, 

or good hiking trails.  Here are a few near Washington, DC:

  • Rock Creek Park
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island
  • Tregaron Conservancy.
  • Seneca Creek Greenway Trail
  • Buzzard Rock Trail
  • Maryland Heights Trail
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Whiteoak Canyon Trail, or try some water outings. Below is a small listing - 
    • Boomerang Tour
    • Tidal Basin Paddle Boat
    • Spirit of Mount Vernon
    • City Cruises
    • DC Duck Tours
    • Potomac Paddle Club
    • Boomerang Pirate Ship

Need some energy? Below are some ingredients that can be mixed together to make easy, healthy and inexpensive Trail Mixes:

  • Roasted cashews and/or almonds
  • Dried cranberries/berries
  • Dark/Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate chips
  • M&M’s
  • Pretzel chips
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Dried coconut or banana chips

Some other features of daypacks are that they are light weight, unisex (i.e. works for either male or female), are of durable synthetic materials and have shoulder straps. Our tote fits the bill, plus it is weather-resistant!

Mobile Gear for your Best Companion - whether you are going for a leisurely walk, drive, flight or reporting to work, certain items will always be needed for your Number One Best Bud. Among those items are: sufficient food and water, an emergency kit, medications, sanitary gear, collar, leash, harness, tags, documentation and contact list.  The tote is quite spacious, more than enough room to share.

Go Bag for your Little One(s) - having an insulated compartment is perfect for keeping milk or other fluids at the proper temperature. The inner compartment is large enough to hold just enough essentials for a quick trip with the kiddies without fumbling around looking for something.

Depending on the age of your little one, some things to consider packing are:

  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • First Aid treatment bag
  • Small bag of wipes
  • Small variety of age appropriate snacks
  • Spare plastic bags for the impending child disasters
  • Kleenex

Make-Up Artist Bag - each professional makeup artist kit is personal and specialized for their line of work.  However, there is a core set of items that should always be included. T|W Tote’s are spacious enough to hold these items with enough room to include some energy snacks to keep the fire going.  Some of the core items are: 

  • A selection of face, eye and lip brushes
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Disposable spoolies and sponges
  • Metal spatula
  • Recyclable cotton buds
  • Cotton Pads
  • A mini-manicure set and tweezers

Courier or Messenger Bag - the beauty of the T|W Tote is in its dimensions and the number of compartments. With the dimensions of 10.0”h x 9.4”w x 5.5”d, it can more than handle papers, tapes, an iPad, headphones, phones, keys and cords.

Island Bag -  this is your getaway bag when you can take a quick jaunt to your favorite vacation island hideaway.

 Just the right size for packing:

  • iPad
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A favorite book
  • Phone and charger
  • Swimsuit

Whether it’s work or play, your T|W Tote is ready to go.  No matter the weather, with its stain resistant qualities, it’s supple and rich feeling of vegan leather, it gives the user both a sleek and professional look.  

Go Bag for Back-to-School - it’s time to go back with style! No one wants to carry bulky, heavy backpacks. Today’s style is sleek and neat.  Less bulk, more organized and easily accessible. Color is key to making the outfit and letting everyone know who is carrying the newest taste in fashion!

The contents of each Go Bag depends on whether they are returning to Grade School, High School, a Trade School or College.  Some typical items that might be found are:

  • Lip Balm
  • Contact Case
  • Phone Charger or cord
  • Phone power pack
  • Mouth mints or Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Pen/pencil and paper
  • Contact List
  • Small emergency kit
  • Medications and medical alert list

Who wouldn’t want to be the next bag fashionista at school! See our current collection.

If you have a moment, we would love to hear how you use our Tote!  Let us know at,

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