Professional Insulated Bags For Adults

As a luxury brand, T|W Tote wants to change how people look at fashion and lunch bags. Our insulated totes are designed to keep your food warm or cold while you are on the go, whether you are a man, woman or non-binary person looking to purchase a professional lunch bag. Each item is a unisex, vegan leather lunch tote that the entire family can use.

Not only can you use it to travel to work with food or beverages, you can also use it to carry your cell phone and personal essentials in our monogrammed lunch tote. Several customers have also mentioned our totes have multipurpose uses.

"The Black Effect"

Mero Black Luxury Weekender - T|W Tote

first product


We are Shallon Thomas & Sherika Wynter, the founders of T|W Tote. We set forth to solve a problem. We wanted to provide a high quality product, where fashion meets meal carry. After over a year of R&D, we launched T|W Tote in December with 1 color: Mero



We launched, Guinep, in the late spring, 6 months after initial release of Mero. Our team was on to something. Sporting a fire red interior, Guinep is a head turner. What once was a founder mistake in development, is now our most popular color.

Grow with Google

Black History Month Feature

We were honored as the Grow with Google Small Business for Black History Month. Beyond Blessed! Never in our wildest dreams did we see such recognition so early in our company. We also released two new colors: Luminous and Sorrel.

Back in the lab


2020 hit us and many other small businesses, hard! However, we stuck through it and are better for it. We walk into 2021 with a positive attitude, a stronger team and plans to expand the T|W Tote line. Stay tuned! We are just getting started!

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