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Professional Insulated Bags For Adults

As a luxury brand, T|W Tote wants to change how people look at fashion and lunch bags. Our insulated lunch totes are designed to keep your food warm or cold while you are on the go, whether you are a man or a woman looking to purchase a professional lunch bag. For instance, one of our popular lunch totes is the Mero Black Mini lunch bag. We also have the signature hand sewn Guinep lunch bag, which is a client favorite. The founders of T|W Tote, Shallon Thomas, and Sherika Wynter aim to provide fashionable vegan leather lunch bags. Most importantly, each item is a unisex, vegan leather lunch tote that the entire family can use.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a professional insulated bag that has two compartments to separate your hot and cold items. Not only can you use it to travel to work with food or beverages, you can also use it to carry your cell phone and personal essentials. Several customers have also mentioned they use our tote as a camera bag or diaper bag.


And overall, we must say that we are very impressed with how nice it looks. It reminds us of a business briefcase that mates with a regular lunch tote.

The Cooler Review

I swore I would not carry my lunch in one of those cartoon bags, so I opted to carry a Wholefoods paper bag. That did not work either because the handles would often break. I bought the T|W tote about four months ago and these days I don’t just have a durable lunch bag but one that goes well with what I wear. The best part about owning a T|W tote, it’s easy to clean.


Love it. Used to be embarrassed by my old cloth bag but not any more.


I love it! It matches my professional sense of style, but also is designed in a way that makes it useful to carry lunch and anything else that may not fit in my pocket. So if you want to brush your teeth after lunch, or maybe have a small book for a book club, or a safe compartment for expensive headphones, or your lunch, the T|W Tote is clutch!


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Instead of showing up to work with an ordinary brown paper lunch bag, why not purchase a luxury lunch tote, whether you need it for school, work, or an evening on the town. Get your professional insulated lunch bag by T|W Tote today.

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