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Elevate Your Business with Memorable Corporate Gifts

Hand-sewn products that integrate fashion and sustainability, leaving a lasting impression
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Add a level of personalization to your gifting


Want to add a last name or initials to your gift? T|W has an array of small and large alphabet options to support your monogramming needs. Each product is monogrammed, by hand at our Maryland facility.

5 Star rating

Our products and services speak for themselves.

Unique options

All our products are designed by our T|W team for an unique experience

Customer service

Customer service is our priority in every step of the gifting experience


Ability to pick your preferred color and style for each gift

Using our product for company swag?

Logo Embossing

At T|W, we can emboss your company's logo on all our products. With a high resolution version of your logo, our team produces a brass based replica of your logo. Logo embossing is done by hand at our Maryland facility.

From Ideation to E-Commerce

All our designs go through an extensive R&D and design process prior to becoming a catalog option.



Interested in making your own, unique product?

Design from Scratch

At T|W, we have global manufacturing partners, allowing us the ability to design and produce products, from scratch, to meet your needs.

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