The T|W Tote was birthed from a real need; a better way to carry lunch. Dressed to impress, Shallon struggled to find something to place his lunch in for the day. After trying a paper bag, a plastic bag and even a velcro neoprene meal bag, he realized none of these really reflected the look he was going for. None of them matched his style. Frustrated, he then went online to find a corporate lunch box. There was nothing similar to what he was looking for at a reasonable price. He then decided it is time we take matters into our own hands. 

From this, the T|W tote was born.  


Sherika Wynter & Shallon Thomas

Natives of the West Indies, Shallon and Sherika research and design products that solve overlooked problems. With backgrounds that range from mechanical engineering to business administration, these two work together to meet the needs of their target audience. While their sense of styles differ, their dedication to high quality products do not. 




The T|W Tote is the second product produced by their company, Thomas&Wynter R&D, LLC.