Your lunch tote is hand sewn and might have some slight imperfections. Like a vintage timepiece, the slight imperfections add character to our professional lunch bags.

The Exterior 

The exterior is made from the highest grade of vegan leather, also known as polyurethane (PU). PU is a synthetic polymer that mimics genuine leather without the drawbacks.

Why vegan leather and not genuine leather?

Vegan Leather

Genuine Leather

No odor while damp and dries rapidly

Has an odor while damp

Takes time to dry

Can be produced in a wide variety of colors and styles

Can only be produced in a few colors and styles

Easy to clean and maintain with a damp cloth

Requires leather cleaning solutions to keep it clean

Is resistant to UV rays, so it doesn’t fade as quickly

Can be discolored or cracked by UV radiation “aka” sunlight

Doesn’t dry out and requires no maintenance

Dries out over time and needs to be maintained with special lotions.

Is fully synthetic and 100% cruelty free

Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals. To make it worse, turning skin into leather uses dangerous chemicals, including formaldehyde, and coal-tar derivatives.

The Insulation  

The insulation is the Thomas & Wynter “secret sauce”. Our insulation reflects hot or cold energy to its source (your meal). When you purchase our dual compartmented bags the material allows you to keep hot things hot and cold things cold – simultaneously!

The Inner Lining

The inner lining is a high-grade synthetic polymer perfect for lining our lunch bags. It repels liquid and is highly resistant to staining. Spills and accidents may ruin your sandwich but wipe cleanly off our lining. We can source our materials in many colors which allows Thomas & Wynter to create unique interiors.