November 16th is National Fast Food Day!

Fast Food - a different viewpoint.

It is an affordable way to experience new and/or different food choices. When you start thinking about fast food options, typically burgers, sandwiches, and fries come to mind. Different cultures have a unique perspective on what a quick meal should be. Let’s explore….

Food Trucks - offer an abundance of variety and a never-ending flow of aroma-bending flavors that excite the senses!

Food Stands - bring a plethora of organic, home-made, quick and easy meals to go! Glad to have my lunch tote from T|W with me! Hot or cold, T|W Tote can handle them all! Add an ice pack to your tote - fruit and a drink. Healthy has met its match.

Ethnic Food Markets - offer an unspeakable variety of foods from all across our great Earth. Ever try Greek Mac or a Paneer Zinger?

Who can resist Pizza!  One of the favorites of Fast Food; yet it can also be one of the healthiest.

Here are some hints and tricks from T|W Tote for prepping and packing your own amazingly “fast” food!

Fast food can give you the option to eat something instead of skipping a meal.
Skipping too many meals, too often can cause fatigue, and it may mean that you lose some essential nutrients. Choosing a healthy fast food meal that includes fruits, vegetables and excludes fried foods, can help you gain what you need to finish your day without snacking on high-sugar or high-fat foods. With your T|W Tote, your food is always fresh and by-your-side. What’s in your Tote? Read me.. 

It's possible to order a quick meal, with smarter choices for less than $10!

Here’s an example using McDonalds. (Note: Prices may vary.)

  • Kids Happy Meal - $3.69
  • Container of Apple Slices - $1.50
  • Small Low fat Milk - $1.00

  • Here’s another example using Burger King. (Note: Prices may vary.)

  • Whopper Jr. Meal - $5.29
  • (2) Cookies - $1.00
  • Small unsweetened ice tea - $1.79

    Of course, the best meals are usually homemade! When on the go, however, sometimes, we crave comfort food. These are examples of how to get a little bit of both for you and your little ones. 

    Food Fun Facts!

    Did you know?

      • Dark chocolate - 
        • Chocolate was first seen in bar form around 1910.
        • It’s as sweet as nectar.
        • It is also so healthy! Why?
          • Because it contains polyphenols and theobromine, that may lower levels  of the “bad cholesterol” and raise “good cholesterol.”, and
          • The flavanols in dark chocolate stimulate nitric oxide production and may lower blood pressure. To get these benefits, 20–30g of dark chocolate per day with at least 70% cacao solids is usually sufficient.
      • Pecans are rich with antioxidants.
      • Pistachios are actually fruits.
  • Caesar salad can be a superfood, when the lettuce is replaced with spinach and kale! Reap the benefits of iron, fiber and antioxidants with this substitution.
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