What's Ahead for 2023

     As we wrap up 2022, T|W wants to take a moment to express our deep gratitude for you all for being part of our journey, and to look ahead for what’s on deck for us for next year. 2022 was a wonderfully full year for us - lots of new and noteworthy developments to challenge and inspire us. If you bought a Tote, liked or shared something on social media, told a friend about your new Weekender, or donated to our Republic raise, you are a crucial piece to what we do! Thank you for the love. 

     We are looking ahead to 2023 with excitement! Nothing gets this team pumped like new designs, and we’ve been perfecting some new styles that we are feeling really good about. T|W is still offering our original and beloved Tote, but we are also moving forward into an expanded line of luxury short  - term carry bags. Our expanded line will still include our signature sustainable vegan leather, because we love the planet and we love even more how much positive feedback we get about this material! The vegan leather allows us to make bags for a variety of uses, since it’s waterproof, stain - proof, and pretty much everything else - proof. Look for new styles in our vibrant vegan leather, and one could (maybe, possibly)  be a luxury backpack. But shhhhh, you didn’t read that here! Our new designs are by far our most anticipated development for 2023, so be sure to follow on social media and check emails for new product announcements. 

     Another new development we’re looking forward to here at T|W is an exciting new corporate partnership. We are actually in progress with this one already, and we’re excited to see the response when it rolls out next year. T|W has been given the opportunity to work with a large banking company to design a new product. It’s new territory for us - those of you who’ve been following along on our journey know that we’re pretty much a lean, mean independent machine. We are getting outside of the comfort zone of being the sole creatives on our projects and having the entire process up to us - for better or worse! This is an amazing opportunity for us to grow, create, and spread the word about T|W. It’s also a wonderful way for us to see how well our ideas and designs stand the test of this kind of project. Exciting! 

     More creative developments coming in 2023 include working with new models and influencers as well as creating a Black History Month shoot to highlight this important time of the year. T|W likes to highlight Blackness all year long, but for Black History Month we go all in, and 2023 may be our biggest celebration yet. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have our visionary dear friend Colville as the creative force behind most of our shoots to date. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration with him in 2023, because his images truly are T|W. In addition to our Black History Month content, we’ll be continuing to highlight and support our favorite Black Owned businesses. And we will continue to work with local charities here in the DMV area just as we have the last four years (Four?!). 

      Looking ahead to the new year, we truly have so much to be excited about, and just as much to be grateful for. T|W is, as always, one part vision, one part ambition, and a whole lot of love from our peeps - you guys! Thanks for everything, and see you in 2023!


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