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Article: What are Customers Saying About T|W Tote…

What are Customers Saying About T|W Tote…

What are Customers Saying About T|W Tote…

So, it finally came!  All the anticipation, anxiety, and the excitement of its arrival has culminated in this moment.  Finally, a luxury multi-purpose lunch tote that is not only fashionable, but can withstand the worst that Mother Nature can dish out.

As owners, we believe in the value and strength of our customer’s experiences.  It is important to us because we are big on handling and presentation. 

We take many Quality Control steps to ensure that when the tote arrives to us from our manufacturer that the tote:

  1. Has the correct amount of packing,
  2. Each zipper works smoothly,
  3. No scratches, runs or stains in the leather,
  4. No paint defects in either the interior or exterior of the tote, and
  5. The inner lining is not torn or damaged.

Once that is done, we then have pre-taped and pre-sized boxes that securely hold the tote so that it is not damaged on its way to you. 

We have a short audio/video of one of our quality control measures performed as soon as the product is received in our warehouse.  Check out our Instagram page to see the full video.

One of the main points that the video is showing is that the bag fits snugly and securely in both the dust bag and the box.

It’s important that the box fits the dimensions of the tote so that the contents do not shift during shipment and delivery.

We also ensure that the box is taped securely so that there is no fear that one of the box sleeves might catch on some mailing or sorting equipment and open.

We care about our product from every aspect of the receiving from the manufacturer - to the packing of the product - to the shipment and delivery - and finally to you, our Customer!  

This is why reviews are taken seriously by T|W Tote.  If a customer receives damaged or incorrect goods, it is on us to make it right, and we will. If our customer is happy and thrilled with the tote, so are we.  For us, we are passionate that the cycle from receiving the tote in our warehouse, to its packing, pickup by the shipper and delivery to you is seamless.  We want you to feel comfortable with the entire experience.  If not, let us know by sending us an email at

Currently, we sell our tote on many platforms. We read each review and for those asking for a response, we reply or take appropriate action, as needed.

Below are some customer reviews from our Website that we would like to share with you. They address the areas from:

  • How the tote is packed for delivery to,
  • Our customer’s reaction when opening the box!

Review #1 - “I randomly saw this bag on Instagram and had to have it. I received it very fast, the quality is excellent and the price is right. You can’t beat it and the pictures do not do it justice. Although, I’m using it for another purpose than a lunchbox it’s perfect and is exactly what I was looking for. They also have excellent customer service in helping me make my selection!”.

Review #2 - “I bought this bag to take my own food with me when I'm commuting. Sometimes I'm out all day and need something that will keep my food cool if I have to leave my bag in the car. This bag is so much nicer than that! It does a great job of keeping my cool/cold stuff at the right temperature, but what really made me write this review is that this bag LOOKS AMAZING. It looks like a fancy bag you'd find at a boutique with the gold hardware and removable strap. Will be looking for these to gift during the holidays!”.

Review #3 - “This is a prime example of Black Owned Business quality and pride. I mean from the moment you open the plastic you’re met with the dust bag protecting the genuine leather tote. The moment your hands grip onto the carefully crafted handle you know the rest of the bag just must be engineered by a GENIUS!! I mean I’m so impressed and pleased by its quality. I am certain anyone considering getting one and/or reading this will be pleased when they receive theirs!”.

From workmanship to the finished product, we stand behind our product with a Lifetime Guarantee

If a product fails from a defect in the material or workmanship, we will replace it for free. As a black-owned female-led organization, our company takes great pride in ensuring our bags are built to last and provide the best customer experience possible. 

Our last review contains both honest and constructive feedback.  We welcome this type because it is seen through a customer lens rather than from the lens of a product owner.  Now that we are made aware, we can initiate product changes.

Review #4 - “I bought this lunch tote since I was looking for something more stylish and formal to take lunch to work. The material of the tote feels smooth and the tote looks classy. But the design leaves you wanting a little more in my opinion. There are two things that need a little more design consideration in order to make this tote a better functional lunch tote. 1) The top zipper is along the center of the tote which makes it difficult to insert any containers without tilting the container thus disturbing the food inside the container itself. 2) The insulated membrane that separates the cold and hot sections of the tote is not stiff enough to support actual food containers or even fruits. The membrane just drops to the bottom of the tote under any sort of load from the food items on it. I gave this tote a 3-star rating since I like the material and style of the tote but must take away 2 stars for the lack of functionality. Hopefully the newer versions fix these issues to make it a truly 5 start lunch tote in the market”. 

We thank those of you who purchased our products and look forward to receiving all comments and suggestions. Let’s keep designing, improving and pushing our ideas. That is the motto of the T|W Tote Family!

Many Thanks for Reading our Story!

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