Sustainability in Focus - It’s Not Only the Vegan Leather!

     We talk about sustainability a lot here at T|W, but what exactly does sustainable mean to us? Of course we all know that this one planet we are on has finite resources, and that it’s necessary to conserve what we have, as much as we can. But for us, we see the whole idea of sustainability as a way of life that, for us, started long before it became a popular advertising theme. That’s because we are both from island nations in the Caribbean, where resources are always limited, and conservation, frugality, and simple ingenuity are an essential part of the culture. If you’ve ever traveled to an island, or if you’re from an island like us, you know how much more expensive necessities like fuel and power are, and how much more groceries cost. Conserving water, being mindful of power usage, and taking care of what possessions you have in order to make them last are all natural facts of life when you live on an island.  We bring that mindset to T|W, and more - our version of sustainability encompasses style, pricing and lifestyle factors, too! 

     The design and construction of our products supports our idea of sustainability: we intentionally design classic styles that will be a valuable addition to anyone’s wardrobe for years. We know the trends, we see them and admire them - we love fashion, after all! - but the simple fact of the matter is that seasonal trends that come and go are a HUGE burden on our planet’s already strained resources. That’s why a classic, beautifully proportioned bag that will look fabulous with a variety of outfits is our ultimate goal: it’s just more sustainable for the planet, and for people! And our R&D roots demand that we scrutinize every seam, zipper, and strap to ensure our bags last season after season. It’s really the only way we can feel good about what we make…and the response? The idea seems to resonate, because our customers have responded with enthusiasm to the idea of fewer, better things. 

     Another way we try to take sustainability to the next level is to create bags that support a healthy, eco - friendly lifestyle beyond the purchase of one of our products. Sure, buying a bag made from sustainable materials is helping the planet, but if it costs a fortune and seems too precious to actually USE, what’s the point? Our vegan leather looks gorgeous but is 100% unfussy - it gives “pack your lunch and carry me all day”, making it a no - brainer for people to further reduce their waste and consumption by packing food from home. And speaking of maximum impact, that’s why our price point sits near the more affordable end of the spectrum. How sustainable is it to make bags that only a small slice of the population can afford? Wouldn’t we be doing more for the world to price our Totes so that they fall into the “affordable luxury” category? Again, that’s what felt right to us, and it resonates with our fans - win/win! 

     So there you have it - our vegan leather is just scratching the surface of how we think of sustainability. We’re happy to see the rest of the world catch on to what islanders know deep in their bones - sustainability is a way of life, a million small acts repeated daily, a way of looking at things in a naturally scarce environment. We’re so happy to see the world realize that we’re all on another island together - we just call it planet Earth! 

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