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Celebrate Black History Month with Your Favorite Luxury Lunch Tote Company!

It's Black History Month! As a Black-owned entrepreneurial company, we would like to acknowledging Black history and highlight our favs.

In December 2019, a group of 15 Black medical students from Tulane University wore their white lab coats and posed in front of the Whitney Plantation in Louisiana.

15 African American students from Tulane University stand at the Whitney Plantation in Louisiana. (Russell Joseph Ledet)

This is a powerful image, their faces intentionally "embodying the strength of the people who lived on those grounds," says Sydney Labat, one of the students in the photo. Read more about the story behind this photo here.
The student who shared the photo on Twitter, Russell Ledet, wrote the caption, "We are our ancestors' wildest dreams." And he's right about that. Less than 200 years ago, Blacks weren't allowed to read. Forget going to school for a medical license; we couldn't even be caught with a book, or we'd be arrested, fined, and/or whipped.


We, as a people, need continue to make strides, change the future and make our ancestors proud. We need to continue to start and maintain businesses, invest in real estate, be apart of ground breaking research and STEM projects. It is our responsibility to continue to give our future leaders items to highlight during Black History Month. 

What role will you play this month? How will you support and show recognition? 

Here are some our favorite black owned companies and entrepreneurs:

And of course, T|W Lunch Tote!

Tell us some of your favorite black owned companies below and be sure to check out our favs as well!

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