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SAMPLE SALE: T|W Tote - Sorrel Samples

Sale price$49.99 Regular price$84.99

SALE: Totes have a slanted exterior pocket or internal ink marks inside one or more of the insulated compartments. All sales are final and there is no warranty.

The sorrel lunch tote is made with vegan leather and is fashionable enough to carry your lunch in a way that matches your personal style. This sleek interior color redefines the way you bring your lunch to work. Each tote is hand sewn and allows you to carry both hot and cold items in the insulated compartments. Next, the handle for the lunch bag is durable and is more than capable of holding a full day's worth of meals. Better yet, you can pair the T|W tote with your favorite suit. Lastly, each lunch bag is unisex for both males and females and comes with a shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 10.0"h x 9.4"w x 5.5"d
Handle: Vegan Leather
Exterior Material: Vegan Leather
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Material: Durable, Water Repellent
Interior Color: Brown

    Designed in the United States