T|W Lunch Tote: The Best Gift Lunch Tote for 4 Different Types of People

If you’re still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your loved one, the T|W lunch tote is perfect for some of the different people in your life. Read on to see who you can gift this lunch bag to! 

The busy professional in your life

The T|W Tote is designed to look professional and classy, and it’ll look great with any business attire. 

Two businessmen holding T|W lunch totes - Black

The two separate, insulated compartments will allow them to store hot and cold foods without having to walk their bag all the way to the office fridge. 

This lunch bag is also easy to clean, so they won’t have to waste time washing it. They can wipe it out, and they’ll be good to go for the day.


If you know someone who cares about fashion and needs everything to match their outfit, the T|W lunch tote is a great choice. They can look fabulous even while heading to lunch. 

Fashionable woman sitting next to a T|W lunch tote - Guinep

For those environmentally conscious fashionistas, you can let them know our bag is made of vegan leather and it’s handmade. No need for animal cruelty or harsh chemicals. 

Parents with young kids

T|W lunch tote with crackers, apple, and water bottle in top compartment

For any parents that are traveling with kids, whether it’s on a road trip or just on the train for an hour, it’s important to carry snacks. Their snacks will be kept safe and cool. There’s even a pocket where you can store some napkins. 

Nursing mothers

The insulated compartments of the T|W Tote can keep breast milk and formula warm, and mothers can use the other compartment to hold a breast pump or anything else they choose. 


T|W lunch totes - Black and Guinep

You may not know someone who fits into one of these 4 categories. However, if you know anyone else who can benefit from a fashionable, dual compartment, and insulated lunch bag, the T|W lunch tote is a wonderful choice. 

To receive your T|W Tote before Christmas, be sure to order by tomorrow, December 20th!

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