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     We’ve been working on a very exciting new venture, and it’s now ready to unveil to our T|W family! For the last several months. TW has been onboarding an innovative means to expand our company - a private investment platform, Republic. As you may know, up to this point T|W has been completely self - funded, bootstrapped, however you wanna say it, it’s been 100% our venture. And as regular people and not long lost royalty or the like ( wouldn’t that be great? Totes for everyone!) we have a dilemma when it comes to the natural expansion that T|W now encounters. Stay where we’re at, with the number of products we are able to stock currently, and with the reach we currently have, or widen our reach, widen our inventory. For those of you who’ve been following us, you already know the answer - we HAVE to go for it! 

     For the past several months, T|W has been searching for the right fit when it comes to raising business capital. Equal parts exhausting and exhilarating, affirming and deflating. On the plus side, we’ve had amazing opportunities to network and talk about this company that we believe so firmly in and have worked so hard to build. On the other hand, we’ve encountered feedback that reminds us that Black people and women routinely face ugliness in the boardroom. Never mind all that, though, because we’ll  never take no for an answer and are only looking ahead!  And with that spirit, we ultimately landed on Republic. 

     So what is Republic, anyway? Republic is a platform that, in a sense, democratizes venture capital, making investing in startups accessible to anyone. It allows anyone - not just the ultra rich or established financial groups - to identify companies they believe in and put as little as $10 towards that company’s future. It’s exciting and innovative in so many ways. Republic founder Ken Nguyen puts it this way, “We are an investment platform that allows anyone pretty much anywhere in the world of any income and net worth to invest in some of the best startups and private equities that we curate”. Equally exciting for us is this: beyond the nuts - and - bolts investment side to Republic, “When it comes to crowd investing, the unique value proposition here is that when one of your customers invests even just $10 into your company, she’s going to become a brand ambassador.” Breaking down barriers, looking at new ways to build wealth, spreading brand awareness through investing…there’s so much about Republic that resonates with our core values. We truly believe that this platform will change the world. Looking back at technologies like ride-sharing apps, or even AirBnb, they’ve all started in our lifetime and took something familiar and added value, access, ease…we are so excited to be part of something with a similar scope! 

     Check out our Republic profile here and learn more about investing in T|W. There are many levels and many incentives (just another feature we love) for investing. We truly appreciate you all, and we appreciate everyone who has already invested. Onward! 

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