Get Back to School with our T|W Tote

As you prepare for the new school year, what are some essentials:

1. Clothes that fit because we all know they've outgrown last year's outfits.
2. Proper book bag because style has changed & the previous one just won't do.
3. Durable lunch bag because God only knows where the other one is!


Without the above items, your loved one may have a pretty rough start to the new school year. 

Why would I spend $35 - $50 on a lunch bag?

Well, we can provide you with a few reasons:

1. Dual Compartment

The T|W lunch tote comes with 2 compartments; one opens from the top, the other from the front. Why is this a good thing? You may want to separate your meals! Also, you have varying sizes of tupperware. Why limit yourself, unnecessarily?

2. Food Variety

Another sweet thing about the dual compartments is they are insulated. Meaning, they will take on and hold the temperature of the items placed in their sections. Don't want your frozen water bottle sweating on your oatmeal? Place the oatmeal in the lower compartment and the water bottle up top. Simple!

3. Ease of clean

Children can make quite a mess in their lunch boxes. The beauty of our inner lining material is its easy to clean. Just wipe it out with a Lysol wipe or wet paper towel. Need a little deeper clean? Add some dish washing soap to a sponge and wash it out. Then wipe it dry. Easy! 


We guarantee you won't regret your purchase. For those who have tried our tote, share your comments below!

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